On September,1 the first profession-oriented Rosneft class was opened up on basis of general education school No. 2 in Bolshoy Kamen. Twenty three tenth-graders stepped into a repaired classroom fully equipped with the latest technology to get deep knowledge on engineering and further possibility to become a part of Rosneft team and Zvezda shipbuilding complex.

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The project of profession-oriented education of schoolchildren was developed on the basis of the continuing education program of PJSC "Oil Company "Rosneft "-" School-University-Enterprise ". LLC "SSC "Zvezda", as a subsidiary of Rosneft and the largest employer of Bolshoy Kamen, acts as a supervisor of Rosneft-class.

Education program includes in-depth study of the profession-oriented subjects (physics, chemistry, math, informatics), additional education was organized: teachers of higher educational institutions teach classes on the profession-oriented subjects, special courses, laboratory courses. Students will be able to make researches and projects, to take part in different competitions, academic competitions, conferences. They also will have a chance to try themselves in different professions at real production of SSC “Zvezda”.
On September 1 at 9 a.m. tenth-graders from different schools of the town, applied for entry to the class and accepted to it, gathered at celebratory assembly at the doors of the school No.2. They could be distinguished from the other schoolchildren by symbolic headscarf with logo trademark of Zvezda shipbuilding complex on it.
Upon hearing the school director, Tatyana Kovrova`s words of severance and congratulations together with the other schoolchildren, after a symbolic first bell the guys went upstairs to their classroom which changed completely after the summer passed. The class supervisor SSC “Zvezda” and Oil Company “Rosneft” created for the children the utmost comfortable conditions for education, including laboratory and computer devices, repaired and arranged in Rosneft style room.
Special guests met children at class door – Managing Director of Zvezda Shipbuilding complex, Sergey Tseluyko, Executing Director of Zvezda Far Eastern shipyard, Oleg Loginov, acting as the head of town administration, Vyacheslav Moskaev.
– I am glad to see you today at the school at opening of profession-oriented class, aimed at work in our shipbuilding industry – Sergey Tseluyko greeted the guys, – We, together with Rosneft company, tried to create the most update class in the Russian Far East, there is modern equipment here, the best teachers will work with you. You have a unique chance to get the profession-oriented education: at first here, at the school, and then, at higher institutions. Watch your opportunities, do your best, learn and study, create a stairway to your prospective future with your own hands and mind. And we, as your supervisors, will help you – will show you our production, the shipyard – a site where skills and knowledge you will get can be applied. You are as young, full of energy and plans, as our enterprise is young and high-potential. We are waiting for all of you at “Zvezda”, we need specialist a lot. Let`s become a united team right now to develop shipbuilding branch together. Way to go!

Having cut a symbolic red ribbon, tenth-grader came to their new classroom, that will become their second home for the nearest two years to start their first classes.
And later in the day after the classes a grand ceremony of initiation to Rosneft team was prepared for the guys and their parents in the Town House of Culture. The schoolchildren watched presentations on Zvezda shipbuilding complex, Rosneft Oil Company in the Russian Far East, along with concert performances. They also heard messages from Deputy Director of Equipment and Technology Localization, PJSC “OC “Rosneft”, Nikolay Morozov and Managing Director of JSC “Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Center” Yuriy Filchenok. The spokesmen noted that Rosneft classes gave the pupils a great opportunity to get deep knowledge required to enter an engineer department in higher educational institution, including targeted recruitment of the Company`s enterprises.
– I always liked physics, chemistry, mathematics, – told a newly-made pupil of Rosneft class, Alexander Belevsky, – studied in the same, the second school, when I knew about profession-oriented class, I decided that I can`t miss a chance. Great perspectives are appeared to open up here, may be, I`ll go to work to Zvezda SSC, it's no coincidence that its cranes and shops are seen from the school window.
– I`ve been working at Zvezda FES as a production engineer, – told Yelena Pen`kova whose daughter also entered the profession-oriented class, – Dasha wanted to be an engineer from the seventh grade, to work at a shipyard, like her mom does. I`ve been looking for such a class for long time ago, with a focus on exact sciences, we discussed even that our child would move to Vladivostok. Luckily, Rosneft class were opened here in Bolshoy Kamen, and I am glad such an opportunity has come up.
Having gone through symbolic fire and water of the initiation ceremony and tied their star ties, the guys prepared to take by assault new horizons and hit the books eagerly. We wish them success, good marks and lucky entrances to the higher institutions – at engineer courses of future ship builders.

Ekaterina Shuvalova.

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