DJI 0582 DJI 0581

Another large batch of crane equipment with a lifting capacity of 32 to 60 tons for the shipyard's hydraulic structures has been delivered to the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex - three portal-mounting cranes and a Rail Mounted Gantry.

After unloading of the equipment, its installation and commissioning will begin. The most powerful item was a Rail Mounted Gantry with a lifting capacity of 60 tons, equipped with magnetic traverse. It, as well as a portal gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 50 tons, will be placed on the cargo quay of the shipyard for acceptance of heavy cargo arriving by sea.

The installation of another two from the newly arrived portal-mounting cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 and 32 tons will allow finishing the completion of crane equipment for the outfitting quay and shallow-water quay. The cranes are designed for execution of outfitting work on vessels and will carry out unloading of materials, which are necessary for the production activities of the shipyard.

Zvezda, SSK has a unique fleet of crane equipment of various lifting capacity and assignation, including two Gantry cranes of the Goliath type with a lifting capacity of 1200 tons each, equipped with an automated intelligent control system.